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Your frequently asked questions
What happens to my data after uploading?
  • We validate your file to ensure that the provided data is correct and can be analyzed.
  • Then we present you with traits that can be extracted from your data, as some genotyping results may lack several variations.
  • Finally, we process your file and provide you with genetic risks for selected traits. These risks will be used to develop our recommendations.
What scientific data the recommendations are based on?

Our recommendations are based on peer-reviewed articles and guidelines from respected organizations such as the World Health Organization, American Heart Association, National Health Services, etc. and are in line with recommendations of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

How do you calculate my risks?

We take all your available genetic data into account and compare it with the data from the genome-wide association studies (GWAS) gathered from the GWAS catalog. We calculate your risks based on the impact that each of your variations is reported to have on a specific trait.

How often should I take a genetic test?

Your genetics don’t change over time. However, new technologies appear constantly, creating a fuller picture of your genome. Usually, it’s enough to discover your genotype once. To get the fullest picture, you may want to stay informed of technological developments and take newer test types as they become available.

How can I upload my Ancestry, MyHeritage, or 23andMe data?

You can upload your data using the raw data file provided by your respective genetic testing service. MyWayDNA currently supports 23andMe, Ancestry and MyHeritage data.

Why should I choose MayWayDna over others?
  • Unlike many nutrigenetic services that use 1 or 2 variations per trait, we use tens and hundreds of them. We understand that in order to get the most out of current research, we need to use as many variations as possible.
  • Our recommendations are created so that they account for non-genetic factors that change your organism and are safe & efficient, based on world-class research.
  • We take our clients’ health as our primary concern, and thus we do not provide health advice. We direct our clients to their healthcare specialist in case of any troubling symptoms.
  • Nutrigenetics is an evolving discipline, so we are dedicated to providing the best analytics possible. We constantly look for changes in scientific data and use only the best sources possible.