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Our criteria of scientific evidence

  • research from 2013+
  • available clinical trials, those that started, followed, or ended.
  • research participants from 1000+
  • research from 2010+
  • research participants from 100+
  • p-value (10 ^ -50 - 10 ^ -800)


Some habits are partly prescribed by the double helix. The most well-studied genetic predispositions are related to habitual coffee consumption, nicotine dependence, and alcohol addiction.

Coffee / Habitual coffee consumption

Coffee is among the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Researchers pinpoint several genetic variants that determine coffee cravings. AHR and BDNF genes can predict whether someone is prone to be a heavy coffee drinker.

Tobacco / Nicotine dependence

CHRNA genes are always discussed when it comes to smoking behavior. It is proven that these genes affect the smoking quantity, nicotine dependence and the risk of two smoking-related diseases.

Alcohol / Alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction Alcohol dependence is moderately heritable. Genes of ethanol metabolism (such as ADH and ALDH), as well as dopamine receptor genes (DRD), contribute to the development of alcohol addiction.